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Available Albums:
Black and White (New!)
The Movements of the Phoenix
Project Endgame
Equestrian Wasteland
Open Skies
The History of Equestrian Harmony
Friendship Remixed
The Berrytube Essential Mix
Stockholm Syndrome
Cognitive Dissonance
Emotions of Note
Sonic Rockboom
Theory of Pony
Touch of Chaos
Now That's What I Call Berrytube: Vol. 1
Sounds of the Sophisticated
Black and White
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1. A United Land
2. Morning Mist
3. Griffin's Lullaby
4. Open Your Eyes (with Cup Song)
5. Return of Harmony Orchestral Suite
6. Inspirarity
7. What It Must Be Like
8. The Ride Home
9. A Moment of Bliss
10. My Little Piano Medley
11. Starting Anew (Piano Improvisation)
12. I Will Rise (A Beautiful Heart)
13. Chimes
14. Come Home
1. Constellations
2. The Lunar Republic (Original Mix)
3. Amplifyre (Instrumental)
4. Cyclonic
5. Lightspeed
6. The Best Pony
7. The Guardian of Dreams
8. Winter Solstice
9. Our First Steps
10. Evermore